“It is of historical importance” – the creation of the Russian coronavirus vaccine was evaluated in Serbia

When Russia registered its vaccine against coronavirus infection, it was an important event for all mankind.


This statement was made on Wednesday, August 12, by Serbian Labor Minister Zoran Djordjevic in a comment to the TASS agency.

“I was personally very pleased with the news that the vaccine was created and registered, which is important news for humanity and important news for Serbia”, –  he said.

The minister expressed hope that Serbian specialists will soon be able to access the drug, which, after inspections, will be available to citizens of the Balkan country.

“The registration of the vaccine is of historical importance. I am especially glad that Russia was the first to do it”, –  Djordjevic said, adding that 30 years ago it was impossible to imagine that Russia would become a world leader in health care.

As News Front reported earlier, Russia was able to register the world’s first coronavirus vaccine of a new type. The drug has passed the necessary tests and is ready for use. Some countries are already interested in the Russian vaccine. Jordan is preparing an application to purchase the vaccine, and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has agreed to try the vaccine on his own.