Germany stated that the US has lost the role of guarantor of peace in the world

The U.S. has completely lost the role of guarantor of international order with the withdrawal from multilateral agreements, said Detlef Dzembricki, head of UNA-Germany, which informs the public of Germany about the activities of the UN and analyzes German policy in the organization.

“The role of the U.S. as an exemplary example and guarantor of international order is now completely lost, as it is increasingly abandoning multilateral agreements and parts of the UN system”, –  he said in an interview with the German media project “Faces of the World,” adding that “the UN can only wait for November 3 and hope that Donald Trump will not be re-elected President of the United States.”


Dtsembritsky believes that “the U.S., the Middle and Central East, including Iran, Yemen, Syria and Libya, as well as climate change, are forming the largest pockets of conflict at present. This trend has been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic, when “Brazil and the US are ruled by populists who, in a partly irresponsible way, put the health of their populations at risk and keep the disease quiet”.

“Such governments are not part of the solution to our global problems, they are part of the problem. Populist and nationalist movements are always at an impasse. They cannot solve today’s multiple cross-border crises and are already failing in their own country”, –  the UNA-Germany head added.

The Faces of Peace project has existed since 2019 and aims to protect and promote peace, security and stability. The project interviews relevant interlocutors on peacebuilding and peacekeeping, security policy and conflict prevention. The project has already involved Dan Smith, Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sigmar Gabriel, former Foreign Minister of Germany and Chairman of the Atlantic Bridge, Miroslav Lajčák, OSCE Chairman in 2019 and Slovak Foreign Minister.