Democrats cannot stop riots in the U.S. – how the “black” adventure got out of control

Taking advantage of the assassination of black repeat offender George Floyd, Democrats sparked protests across America. They did not take into account that among the left there are not only those who want reforms, but also those who yearn for revolution.

It is reported by The Washington Post.

When Democrats armed themselves with slogans of no police force, they did not expect to be taken literally. While even Joe Biden supported the idea of ​​cutting police funding, the Democratic Party is clearly eyeing opinion polls. She was forced to restrain her ardor, as even among African Americans, 45% believe that the police are necessary.

But the radical left is indifferent to the position of citizens, says WP. As a result, the Seattle City Council voted to cut funding for local police by 41%. The idea was passed with 7 votes to 1, with this only councilor opposing, believing that 41% was too little. The Seattle police chief has already resigned in protest, and many of his former subordinates will soon have to look for new jobs.

Meanwhile, radicals continue rioting in Portland. Earlier, the Democrats argued that the violence was provoked by agents of the federal security agencies, but they were withdrawn from there long ago. On Sunday, a wave of looting swept through Chicago. Both cities are controlled by the Democrats, but they no longer control the protesters and are unable to restore public order. At the same time, members of the extremist organization Black Lives Matter strongly support the violence. They even attacked the mayor of Chicago, Laurie Lightfoot. She was accused of not providing “black communities with any alternative to demand justice”.

The publication believes that the anarchy provoked by the democrats will force ordinary people to arm themselves. If they cannot get security guarantees from the state authorities, they will take matters into their own hands. Such trends are observed in the United States even now: arms sales are growing rapidly, it has come to the point that the country lacks ammunition.

“Democratic leaders have not yet grasped the crux of the problem. It looks like they still think they can control the revolutionary tiger by going to meet him”, – the article says.

However, the Democratic Party makes only demonstrative gestures. It criticizes systemic racism but torpedoes systemic economic change; it offers reparations for the descendants of black slaves, but does not work on them. All this only provokes discontent, and the United States is plunged into chaos.