Conflict between Greece and Turkey escalates in the Mediterranean Sea

The Greeks brought their fleet to combat positions, and the Turks sent military aircraft to the zone of the growing conflict.

As the Telegram channel “South Wind” writes, it is getting hot in the eastern Mediterranean against the background of the next Greek-Egyptian agreements and the resumption of geological exploration by Turkey near the island of Kastelarizon.

“The initiators here are really Greeks, because since yesterday it was they who transferred part of the forces in the border regions of Turkey to readiness for use, brought a detachment of warships to the sea, and aviation to the alert zones. The latter almost provoked an open clash near the island of Lesbos, where Turkish planes were also sent”, – the channel’s experts write.

Today, the island seems to be the first armed incident, during which a Greek patrol ship sank a Turkish civilian boat. Also, for the first time in our memory, a scout from France, a country supporting Greece, visited the Aegean zone, which is most likely connected with the preparations for an extraordinary meeting of the EU foreign ministers requested by Greece.