Cases from rubber bullets with the inscription Made in Poland were found in Minsk

Allegations have been made on social media that the Belarusian police are using ammunition purchased from Poland to disperse riot participants.

According to EADaily, journalist Slawomir Serakowski, who published on Facebook a photo of a cartridge case firing a rubber bullet with the inscription “Made in Poland” and stating that he found the ammunition after the riot police attacked radicals in Minsk.

“An explanation would be appropriate: is Poland supplying arms and ammunition to Lukashenko?” – a well-known Polish journalist, founder of the Liberal Forum Marcin Celinsky, wrote in his microblog, addressing the Polish Ministry of National Defense and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Polish Ministry of Defense categorically denies the sale of ammunition to Belarus.

“We categorically deny that the Defense Ministry did not sell weapons or ammunition to Belarus”, – the official Twitter of the Polish military department replied.

The piquancy of the situation is given by the fact that it is Poland that actually oversees all the protest movements in Belarus.