The U.S. bought Russian oil for record amounts

U.S. companies have purchased Russian oil for $2.2 billion when official Washington continues to criticize the German government for purchasing energy resources from Russia.

The U.S. Department of Energy has been keeping statistics for 19 years, and during this time U.S. companies have not yet purchased Russian oil for this amount. It is only 23% less than Germany’s spending on Russian gas.

According to RBC, the U.S. ranks second in terms of volumes of oil products imported from Russia. Compared to 2019, supplies increased 2.3 times.

Andrei Polischuk, analyst at Raiffeisenbank, notes that the United States, while blocking European countries from cooperating with Russia, is solely focused on the economic component, forgetting about political ideas when it is profitable.

“Apparently, in this period, Russian fuel is more profitable than other proposals, so U.S. importers were increasing its purchases. Including fuel from Russia replaces Venezuelan supplies”, – said the expert.