Iran is not ready to pay compensation for the downed UIA plane

According to representatives of the Ukrainian side, Iran will have to compensate the losses of UIA, if not directly, then in a recourse manner to the relevant insurance companies.

According to Interfax, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeniy Yenin said that Iran will have to pay compensation for the downed Boeing 737-800 UIA passenger plane.

“During bilateral talks, the Iranian side confirmed its readiness to compensate for the damage, including the one for the UIA company, whose representatives were invited to the negotiations from the Ukrainian side. We agreed to include this issue on the agenda for the next round of negotiations”, – Yenin wrote on his official Facebook page on Monday evening.

According to Yenin, regardless of whether the plane was insured, the Iranian side will have to compensate for the losses. At the same time, the head of the Central Insurance Organization of Iran, Golamreza Soleimani, said that compensation for the plane itself would not be paid, since the plane was not insured by Iranian companies.

“The Ukrainian plane was insured by European companies in Ukraine, not Iranian companies. Therefore, these European companies should pay compensation”, – the Iranian official was quoted as saying by Reuters.