As many as two protesters – problems arose with a nationwide strike in Belarus

Only two of the five thousand employees of the Belarusian enterprise Integral joined the anti-government protests.

Earlier, pro-Western information resources in the Belarusian segment of the network began to spread information about the striking Integral. The publications indicated that “some” employees of the enterprise joined the protests, and the rest “supported the guys”.

At the moment, it is known that there are only two strikers at the plant, and this trend is observed throughout the country, although the opposition, through telegram-controlled channels, actively urged citizens not to go to work in order to paralyze the country’s economy.

By noon, the only enterprise that at least somehow listened to the instigators of the coup was Kozlov’s electrical engineering plant in Minsk. True, we are talking about about seventy employees of the enterprise from a team of three thousand.

Attempted coup in Belarus

On Sunday, August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus, following which Alexander Lukashenko won. Western countries, for which the Belarusian leader had been a hindrance for a long time, did not put up with the voting results. As a result, pre-planned riots broke out in Belarus.

Attempts by law enforcement officers to keep the situation under control turned into clashes with radicals. At the same time, the Western media, actively covering the protests, focus specifically on the actions of the security forces against the “peaceful” protesters, as it was during the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014.

At the moment, European countries, together with the United States, are on the side of the protesters. They refuse to recognize the election results. The headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the pro-Western opposition, has previously announced that they are preparing for long-term protests aimed at overthrowing the government. Tikhanovskaya herself left the country.