Lukashenko accused Czech Republic of organizing riots in Belarus

The riots in Belarus were organized from the outside, “one of the lines of puppeteers is the Czech Republic”,  said the current president of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko.

“One conversation we see puppeteers. One of the lines of these puppeteers is the Czech Republic. Today, from the Czech Republic they manage our joint headquarters, where, forgive me, these sheep sit, not understanding what they want from them. I instructed to issue this information to the media so that they can see what they want”, – the Belta state agency quoted Lukashenko.

According to him, they continue to demand: take people out into the street and negotiate with the authorities about the voluntary surrender of power.

“That is, Lukashenko, who is at the head of the vertical of power, at the head of state, voluntarily, with 80% of the votes, must transfer power to them. It is from there (from abroad) that commands come. We must pay tribute to our local people – they are outraged to the limit and say: yes it is impossible, the situation in Belarus is not the right one to negotiate … In general, they are trying to control the process from abroad”, – the Belarusian leader said.