The incident with the arrest of Russians in Belarus reaches the home stretch

After the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held talks, the situation with the groundless detention of Russian citizens began to become clearer.

The incident with the arrest of Russians in Belarus reaches the home stretch

It should be reminded that on July 29 the state Belarusian news agency BelTA disseminated information that local security forces detained 33 Russian citizens as their behavior was “uncharacteristic for Russian tourists”.

Soon the secretary of the Security Council of the republic, Andrei Ravkov, made the detainees responsible for preparing the terrorist attack, although the next day the version was revised, accusing them of preparing mass riots. The head of the KGB of Belarus, Valery Vakulchik, said that the Russians were allegedly fighters of the so-called “PMC Wagner”.

Attempts to find out the reasons for the incident quickly indicated that the Ukrainian special services were involved in the incident. Their goal was obvious – to strike a blow at relations between Minsk and Moscow. Today it can be judged that the innuendo was not justified.

“Russia will not allow a coup d’etat in Belarus according to the Kiev scenario. Russia will not allow Lukashenka to be overthrown. But Lukashenka himself must think well and make the right decisions. He must carry out a tough cleansing of his entourage, removing all anti-Russian agents from there,” said Sergei Markov, head of the Institute for Political Research.

As noted by the Russian ambassador to Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev, the Belarusian security forces acted too bluntly and did not take into account the political aspect of what was happening in their activities. According to the diplomat, today there is convincing evidence that the incident is a consequence of a provocation by a third party, “aimed at complicating relations between Russia and Belarus.”

“In the current circumstances, Belarusian law enforcement officers reacted bluntly and harshly to the presence of this group on the territory of the republic, without having all the completeness of information, and, unfortunately, without interaction with their Russian colleagues,” he stressed.

Mezentsev also drew attention to the check by the Investigative Committee of Russia, which can confirm the custom nature of the incident. At the same time, the head of the diplomatic mission called “the speedy release of the Russians and the provision of an opportunity for them to return home” as a “fair and reasonable” conclusion of the story.

“The Russian side will not allow itself steps that can contribute to the violation of public order and legality, the growth of tension in fraternal Belarus, especially during the pre-election period,” the ambassador stressed.

If at the beginning of the scandal the Russian authorities did not understand what was happening and persistently tried to clarify at least some details, now a clear version has appeared, which means that the incident may soon be settled. In Belarus itself, they are not in a hurry to comment on the obvious miscalculation, especially since the presidential race is now on the agenda in the republic.