Opposition party Kataib MPs call for protests in Lebanon

The party leader accused the government of the country of “corruption and criminal negligence.”

According to TASS, the leader of the Christian party Kataib Sami Gemayel announced that three of its representatives in the Lebanese parliament have withdrawn their parliamentary powers.

“We are leaving the legislature, which has become a fig leaf for a government steeped in corruption and criminal negligence,” he said.

Gemayel spoke at the funeral of General Secretary Kataib Nazar Najaryan, who died on Tuesday in an explosion in the seaport of Beirut. The headquarters of Kataib, located in the Saifi quarter near the epicenter of the explosion, suffered heavy material damage.

“We are moving into an escalation of protests,” Gemayel said, urging the Lebanese to take an active part in the massive anti-government demonstration held by opposition forces on Saturday in Place de Martír.