Bloomberg warns US not ready for China’s retaliation

Donald Trump’s aggressive stance on China has untied the hands of hardliners in the administration. It will be difficult to contain such a flow, and the consequences are unlikely to contribute to the economic success of the United States.

Bloomberg warns US not ready for China's retaliation

This is stated in the material of the agency “Bloomberg”.

The bans on WeChat and TikTok, sanctions against Hong Kong officials, as well as the sensational speech of the head of the State Department, Michael Pompeo, indicate that the American government has made anti-Chinese policy a priority, and just 3 months before the presidential election.

Moreover, as part of yet another provocation, Washington will send Health Minister Alex Azar to Taiwan, a partially recognized republic that China considers its territory. This will definitely anger Beijing, given that this visit by a senior US official will be the first since the US severed ties with Taiwan more than 40 years ago.

Graham Webster, a researcher at the think tank New America, notes that Washington has decided to use all the long-planned leverage on China overnight.

“A dam burst in the Trump administration, releasing all deferred ideas on how to escalate the conflict with China,” he said. “It’s both a race to change the facts on the ground, a fostering of lasting feuds, and a tool to take a break from things that could hurt Trump’s re-election prospects.”

For a long time, the United States tried to subdue China to its will, turning the republic into another obedient satellite. That campaign failed, so Washington went on to aggressive politics, says Daniel Russell, a former assistant secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific. According to him, the Chinese simply “do not see any prospects in restraint.”

The problem is that the United States is ignoring the possible consequences of the escalation, Bloomberg warns. Beijing has not yet tried to really respond to Washington’s attacks, limiting itself to “vague warnings of retaliation.” If the PRC takes action, the US economy will face serious problems. In this regard, the agency reminds that even the “Apple” corporation is seriously dependent on the Chinese market. In addition, China has more than $ 1 trillion in US Treasuries that it can drain.

Things would not be so bad if the American government prepared to respond. But due to the ill-conceivedness of the US economy, which is already suffering from the pandemic, even more damage will be done.


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