Trump was not allowed to call Biden to the debate – the Democrats went on a scandalous fraud

Donald Trump’s campaign team was denied a debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden in early September. Thus, the politicians will meet after the voting begins, which calls into question the entire procedure.

As reported by “Reuters” agency, the application of the president’s team was rejected the day before. Trump’s headquarters expected to hold four meetings with Biden instead of three, but the Presidential Debate Commission said it did not intend to break tradition, even in the current highly unusual conditions.

The debates will take place on September 29 in Ohio, October 15 in Florida and October 22 in Tennessee. As you know, the elections are scheduled for November 3, and it may seem that everything is organic. Only the Democrats were not just promoting their scandalous idea of ​​voting by mail, under the guise of concern for the safety of citizens. For example, in the state of North Carolina, which is considered to be fluctuating in its political preferences, the mailing of ballots will begin on September 4, then it will happen in several other states. That is, an impressive part of the country’s regions will vote before Donald Trump and Joe Biden meet in a debate.

Democrats benefit from this alignment, as their 77-year-old candidate is known for his incoherent and highly controversial public statements. Once he even admitted that he forced the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to dismiss Viktor Shokin from the post of Prosecutor General, who began checks against Biden Jr.’s company.