Millions of Americans can “accidentally” vote for Biden

After Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016, Democrats are no longer looking forward to the success of their candidate, 77-year-old Joe Biden. However, they can secure his victory by “accidentally” disposing of millions of Americans.

The Washington Post cites the results of a study conducted during the 2008 elections by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then, as you know, Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain by a margin of 7.2%. However, 3.9 million voters in remote voting were deprived of the legal opportunity to make a choice – they were simply not sent ballots. Another 2.9 million ballots sent out simply disappeared without being returned to election officials. Finally, another 800,000 ballots were not accepted for various reasons.

“The pipeline through which ballots are transported by mail between voters and representatives of election commissions is very leaky”, – the authors of the study said.

The American expert community is seriously concerned about the upcoming elections. It is expected that they will become the most scandalous due to mutual accusations, and the results are the most controversial due to attempts at falsification.

Thus, the Democrats initiated the voting by mail, realistically assessing the ambiguity of this procedure. For them, this may be the only way to ensure victory for their aged and highly dubious candidate Joe Biden, who regularly finds himself at the epicenter of scandals for his rash statements.