The task of the USA is to make Belarus not only a pro-Western country, but also an anti-Russian one, as it was with Ukraine

This was told by deputy head of the Institute of CIS countries Volodymyr Zharikhin in a commentary to the publication.

According to him, Alexander Lukashenko is now actively flirting with the West, while maintaining the previous order in the country. At one time Viktor Yanukovych behaved in the same way and everyone knows well how it all ended for him.

“It’s important for them not only to make a pro-Western country, but also to make it anti-Russian, only it’s difficult to implement with the old leaders. It’s much more convenient to sit down the new ones, who will clearly follow the decrees without thinking. This can be seen from the events in many countries”, –  explained the expert.

The problem with Lukashenko is, Zharikhin is sure, that he, as well as others before him, are confident in his ability to deceive Russia and the West with impunity.

Previously, the U.S. agency Bloomberg said that Alexander Lukashenko had stalled, trying to get closer to the EU and the U.S. and blackmailing Moscow with it. Now that the pro-Western opposition of Belarus is actively implementing a revolutionary scenario, he has actually lost the support of his ally in the person of Vladimir Putin and cannot count on the support of Western “partners” who will gladly get rid of him.