Pushkov says US strategy in Belarus is separating it from Russia

The Russian senator commented on the statements of the future US ambassador to Minsk.

According to the well-known Russian political scientist Alexei Pushkov, the statement of the US Ambassador to Belarus Dzh.Fischer, who is burning with impatience to start establishing bilateral ties with Minsk as soon as possible, confirms that the United States has very politically taken the signals coming from the leadership of Belarus.

“The ambassador’s expressed desire to “support efforts to defend the country’s sovereignty and independence” is especially characteristic. This suggests that the United States does not consider Lukashenka’s actions to be a pre-election spectacle, but perceives them as a new policy that they intend to encourage. As for the US actions to “strengthen the sovereignty” of Belarus, this means a strategy of separating the country from Russia and gradually – or abruptly, as the case may be – including it into the US zone of influence. Of course, only fools can take these promises at face value. Americans are great “experts” in “strengthening the sovereignty” of other countries: just look at Ukraine, where sovereignty was “strengthened” so much that the US Embassy became the center of decision-making on Ukraine, and Ukraine itself has become one of the most dependent countries in the world”, – Pushkov wrote in his Telegram-channel.