Nuclear club is expected to be replenished – USA covers dangerous allied ambitions

By terrorizing Iran by all available means because of its nuclear program, Washington hypocritically ignores the fact that another player in the Persian Gulf can get a nuclear bomb.

The nuclear club is expected to be replenished – the U.S. is covering the dangerous ambitions of its ally.

According to the media, now the U.S. intelligence agencies are forced to closely monitor the activities of Saudi Arabia, expanding production of nuclear fuel, which can be used to develop an atomic bomb. Thus, not far from Riyadh there has recently appeared a construction, which, according to analysts under the U.S. government, may be a secret nuclear facility.
In addition, the West is concerned about another dubious structure, which is located in the north-western part of the country. Presumably, there are facilities for extracting uranium concentrate from ore. This is the first step in the uranium enrichment process.

It’s noteworthy that officials in Washington are in no hurry to react. They claim that Saudi Arabia’s efforts are still in the early stages, and it will take years before the kingdom gets a nuclear warhead. As we know, Washington often protects Riyadh’s interests.

“But now the administration is in an uncomfortable position, saying that it cannot tolerate nuclear production in Iran, while seemingly keeping silent about its close allies, saudits, whom it has forgiven human rights violations and military adventurism”, –  the publication notes.

It is important to note that the saudits are not even hiding their nuclear ambitions. As early as 2018, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman promised to develop or acquire nuclear weapons.