Media says illegal American military base in Syria comes under fire

An illegal US military base in Haseke province in northeastern Syria came under rocket fire, the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan reports.

In recent months, reports of attacks by unknown units on the US military in the Syrian provinces of Al-Haseke and Deir ez-Zor began to appear in the media regularly. As a result of one of these attacks, two Americans went missing, their fate is unknown to this day.

The armed conflict in Syria began in 2011. In some areas, mopping-up operations from militants continue. The US military is stationed in the provinces of Al-Haseke and Deir ez-Zor without a legal basis. They concentrated their forces around large oil and gas fields.

The Syrian authorities have repeatedly stated that the presence of the American contingent in the country violates the sovereignty of the state and all international rules. In turn, the US special envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, announced in early May that Washington is seeking to restore the situation in the country before the start of the conflict in 2011 and, ultimately, the withdrawal from it of all armed forces, primarily the Iranian ones.