In Belarus, U.S. citizens whose wives work in the State Department were detained

Alexander Lukashenko complains about the hybrid war against Belarus.

As BelTA reports, today at a meeting on election campaign security, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the state would not allow destabilizing the situation in the country during the elections.

“I honestly confess, and you probably won’t tell me anything new: we don’t know what they are capable of. We don’t even know who they are. Either it is Americans with NATO, or someone from Ukraine is pushing us, or our Eastern brothers “love” us so much – we do not even know. There is a hybrid war against Belarus, and we have to wait for pestilence from any side. What are we doing, by the way”, –  stressed Alexander Lukashenko. – “We know names, addresses, passwords, turnouts. It sometimes comes to miracles. The mass media alert us that the Americans, the NATO people, want to capture us here. Some people have been detained with American passports, married to American women working in the State Department”.


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