Under the building of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, the dissolution of the Parliament is demanded

Members and supporters of the “Civil Congress” held a rally outside the Constitutional Court of Moldova. They demanded the dissolution of the parliament and the holding of early elections, as well as the cancellation of the presidential elections.

The “Civil Congress” called on the current judges of the Constitutional Court to recognize the illegality of the previous decisions and to call early elections. The protesters said that the Constitutional Court should review the decision of 2016, according to which the president is elected by direct vote of citizens, as it is illegal and contrary to the Constitution. They also believe that it is time for the current parliament to declare “illegitimate and representing the interests of individuals, not citizens”.
The protesters chanted “Down with the brothel in Parliament” and “No to civil conflict”.
The rally participants also reported that they applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office with a demand to investigate the “captured state” and “those who usurped the power”.