On Monday, 200 migrants from Tunisia arrived on Lampedusa Island in eight boats

Meanwhile, a ship anchored opposite the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle was quarantined. Migrants are required to observe a two-week quarantine aboard the ship.

The Alarm Phone Relief Organization also received a message requesting assistance from a boat with 65 people on board. The relief organization stated that the boat that left Libya was in Maltese waters and needed immediate assistance.

Meanwhile, the Italian Government was increasing pressure on Tunisia and opposed illegal migration.

“We cannot allow illegal migration to Italy to destroy all our efforts and sacrifices made by Italians to fight the Coronavirus”, –  said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The Italian government is trying to get the migrants home faster, said Conte.

“We have to be tough and unyielding. We’re working with the Tunisian authorities. I wrote a letter to Tunisian President Kais Sayed on Friday. We need to be more active in the fight against human trafficking and criminal business”, –  the prime minister said.