Not yet out of “adolescence” – the expert assessed Poland’s attempts to block Nord Stream-2

It makes sense that Russia is also dissatisfied with Poland’s desire to become a hub for U.S. LNG, however, it is above throwing discontented statements.

This was told by Eduard Popov, head of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation “Europe” in the commentary of the radio station “Sputnik”.

Earlier, the Polish Department of Competition and Consumer Protection, baselessly accusing Gazprom of its refusal to cooperate with Warsaw, issued a fine of 57 million dollars to the Russian company. The fact is that the Polish regulator tried to request data from Gazprom as part of the antimonopoly investigation, but the requested information had nothing to do with the inspections.

“Poland is not yet out of the teenage age of world politics and perceives the world through the prism of emotions: like, dislike. Russia does not depend on whether any country likes it or not. Maybe Russia itself does not like the fact that Poland is trying to turn itself into a gas distribution hub for American LNG, but Russia does not declare about it”, – says the expert.

According to him, Poland will have to reconcile and keep to itself the dissatisfaction. Especially, that the Polish authorities work not in interests of the country, but in interests of the USA.