“Called upon to give up a peaceful future” – how the Circassians will be sacrificed to American interests

When Washington raises other nations in a questionable struggle for “justice”, it is important to understand that the future fate of such nations is of no interest to the American leadership.

This was told by Georgian political scientist, head of the Eurasia Institute Gulbaat Rtskhiladze in an exclusive commentary to News Front agency, commenting on the situation with the so-called “Circassian issue”.

Now through the pro-western structures in the Caucasus are actively working on another Russophobic campaign, based on the events of two centuries ago – the Caucasian War. Non-governmental organizations and media structures acting in the interests of the U.S. focus on the fact that at that time the local ethnos was on the verge of extinction.

Rtskhiladze, in turn, draws attention to when exactly the notorious Circassian issue intensified.

“The Circassian issue was raised later, after the situation in Chechnya, in Dagestan calmed down. Then it was necessary to come up with something new, and we came up with the Circassian question”, – he says. – “The situation should have changed, new pockets of resistance to Russia, its central power should have appeared. And so, in the late 2000s, the Americans, through the Jamestown Foundation, began to promote this topic “peacefully and civilly” through the university and academic circles, giving start to a new campaign”.

According to him, the principle of the American propaganda is quite simple. In this regard, he gave an example of conflicts in Georgia. It seemed that it would be difficult to separate residents of the country, because they were united not only by centuries-old traditions, but also by experience of being in a single state space. Despite this, when political technologies of the USA were used, the most negative things started to appear on the surface.

The same is happening in the case of Circassians. By focusing on the Caucasian War ideologists of this campaign ignore positive historical facts. Fortunately, as the expert noted, the overwhelming majority of them assess the situation as if they understand that they want to use them.

“Unfortunately, there are some anti-Russian sentiments in intellectual academic circles, and history, its negative part, comes to the surface. If you want to talk about history, you have to approach the question in a comprehensive way. We know that for several centuries people in the North Caucasus simply starved and would continue to starve and die of starvation, if not for such a profitable trade as the slave trade. Georgia has suffered a lot from this”, – continues Rtskhiladze. – “When Russia came here, it fought this vice for a very long time. If we do not talk about it frankly, we like the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, we do not like it, the facts are such that Russia has really brought great good to Georgia and the entire Caucasus”.

Moreover, rights of all nationalities are responsibly treated in modern Russia. In this regard, the political scientist believes that to go with the U.S. with its imperial ambitions is to ruin life for itself. Circassians will benefit nothing from escalation of tensions, and there is no point in counting on the help of Washington.

“People are urged to abandon their peaceful future, which does not threaten their national identity”, – says Rtskhiladze – “to get involved in some adventures overseas, where they do not consider Circassians their own, do not care about them, pursue completely different goals.”