Britain has extended arms embargoes against China and to Hong Kong

British exporters will no longer be able to obtain licences to supply Hong Kong with ammunition, arms and their components, dual-use goods, riot control, cryptographic and information security equipment and certain chemicals.

According to TASS, the British government has extended to Hong Kong an arms embargo on China since 1989.

“Such measures will be taken after the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCR, the Chinese Parliament) passed a law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong”, –  said earlier the head of the UK Foreign Office, Dominique Raab.

It should be recalled that a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, criticized Beijing’s step, arguing that the adoption of the law violates the principle of “one country – two systems”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the decision of the Chinese authorities “a clear and flagrant violation” of the United Sino-British Joint Declaration on the transfer of Hong Kong to China, signed in 1984. In response, the Chinese authorities urged not to interfere in China’s internal affairs and promised to take tough retaliatory measures against London.