30% of Americans cannot pay for housing: Now they will be evicted

While there is a debate in Congress about expanding government support, millions of Americans could find themselves on the streets as the moratorium on evictions ended.

30% of Americans cannot pay for housing: Now they will be evicted

This was announced on Tuesday, August 4, by the Associated Press.

According to Princeton University, some three dozen state-level moratoriums have expired since May. True, some landlords evicted people for non-payment even during the ban.

Experts predict that the problem will only get worse in the coming weeks. The country has 30 million unemployed, further benefits of $ 600 are in question, and the moratorium that protected 12 million tenants living in federally subsidized apartments expired on July 25.

A statewide survey found 26.5 tenants nationwide were unable to pay their rent, with Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee and Texas more than 30%.

As News Front previously reported, the US government has failed to take control of the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. This has led to the fact that now the country is the world leader in terms of the epidemic. The total number of infected in the United States has reached 4.8 million, 158 thousand people have died.


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