Poles learn the delights of a quiet occupation: American soldiers can rob and rape locals

Today, Polish justice no longer applies to the American armed contingent, but the United States intends to go even further.

This was reported by the Polish edition “Onet”, citing its own sources familiar with the situation in the negotiations between Washington and Warsaw regarding military cooperation.

According to media reports, the United States has put forward extremely harsh conditions for Poland regarding the deployment of an armed contingent there. First of all, they concerned the financing of the US Army. The situation turned out to be so dubious that Andrzej Duda’s June visit to the United States failed. The Polish president was expected to sign a new treaty in Washington, but its clauses were never agreed.

Warsaw hoped that the United States would allow the United States to return to the issue after Poland’s presidential elections, but Washington demanded immediate approval, since it wanted to quickly announce the withdrawal of the American army from Germany. On July 31, while Polish officials were discussing the prospects for a dialogue with the United States, the American Ambassador to Warsaw, Georgette Mosbacher, unexpectedly announced the completion of the negotiations.

Sources of the publication admitted that the statement caught the Polish elites by surprise. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszak later had to confirm the ambassador’s words, despite the fact that the points of the agreement look extremely controversial, and therefore were not disclosed.

The journalists found out that one of the most controversial issues related to the status of American soldiers. Polish justice still only partially extends to the US armed contingent – soldiers cannot be punished for crimes committed in the course of their duties. American fighters will go unpunished if, for example, they provoke an accident by driving around in military vehicles.

Washington intends to completely withdraw the soldiers of the US Armed Forces from under Polish jurisdiction. The publication emphasizes that if the agreement is signed, American fighters will be able to commit crimes such as robbery or rape with impunity. The Polish police will simply not have the right to arrest them. Law enforcers will be forced to call military police from the American base, where the violators will be taken for further return to the United States.

The Polish parliament will consider the ratification of the treaty in autumn.


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