Medvedev talked about rampant crime in the United States during the pandemic

“Not all countries were able to avoid a rampant crime. Well, the most obvious example is the United States, where the fight against coronavirus infection is particularly difficult and the situation remains unstable. We certainly need to do everything we can to make things happen in a completely different scenario”, Medvedev said at a meeting on “Current law enforcement challenges while coping with the coronavirus epidemic.”

In Seattle, almost 60 police officers were injured in the riots. Vladimir Vasilyev, Chief Researcher at the U.S. and Canadian Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, commented on the situation on Sputnik radio.

“This, of course, is no cause for gloat. Naturally, it’s also difficult to cope with these problems in the United States, where it’s obvious that other factors have imposed themselves, including the factor of the beginning of the election campaign. But here we need to do everything possible to ensure that the stability that exists in this area will continue”, –  Medvedev added.

A number of cities in the U.S. have been hosting protests for over a month now, often escalating into riots that began after the death in Minneapolis of African-American George Floyd by police.

U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of state and municipal authorities, which, in his opinion, are not taking the necessary measures to restore order. In this regard, in a number of cases, military and federal police officers were introduced into cities, which caused dissatisfaction of local authorities, who mainly represent the U.S. Democratic Party.