Trump’s 9-digit annual income was named

The financial statement of the President of the United States is 78 pages of text.

Trump's 9-digit annual income was named

The document was published by the Ethics Office of the US government.

Donald Trump, among other things, received $ 21.4 million in earnings from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, according to income figures in 2019. It’s worth noting that this business brought him $ 1.3 million more in 2018.

The hotel in the American capital brought the president $ 40.5 million, and the Trump National Doral Miami resort – $ 77.2 million. Revenues from the Bedminster, New Jersey golf club were $ 17.7 million.

The Wall Street Journal, in turn, reports that the combined income of US President Donald Trump in 2019 was at least $ 446 million.

Earlier News Front reported that Trump, by signing the law on state support during the pandemic, provided the right to help and his own vineyard in Virginia. This became possible thanks to the clause on assistance to producers of “special crops”, among which the grapes used to make wine products are listed.


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