The expert told why the US will not extradite the fugitive Moldovan usurper

Vladimir Plahotniuc, before making a scandalous coup d’etat attempt in Moldova, played a certain role in promoting American interests, and may play more.

The expert told why the US will not extradite the fugitive Moldovan usurper

Political scientist Corneliu Churia told about this.

As previously reported by News Front, Vladimir Plahotniuc has long been one of the most influential people in Moldova. As head of the Democratic Party, he created his own corrupt empire in the republic, subjugating state structures. The United States ignored this, because it was Plahotniuc who promoted the anti-Russian agenda in Chisinau, beneficial to Washington.

Last year, Plahotniuc tried to stage a coup after his party lost parliamentary elections. Russia, the United States and the European Union intervened in the situation, forcing the usurper to recognize the parliamentary coalition of socialists and the ACUM bloc. After that, Plahotniuc hastily left the country. An oligarch in the United States is hiding from justice.

Corneliu Churea is convinced that it is simply unprofitable for Washington to extradite Plahotniuc to Moldova, where he will be paid for numerous crimes, including for the notorious theft of a billion dollars from the republic’s banking system.

“After all, this is a person who has played a certain political role, pro-Western, I must admit, from a geopolitical point of view. It is possible that he will also play some role. The Americans have this expression: “Yes, he is a bastard, but this is our bastard.” Based on such tough political principles, I think they will prefer to keep it, ” the political scientist said.