German expert assessed the ability of the United States to stop Nord Stream 2

According to Alexander Rahr, the Americans have no real leverage to stop the construction of the gas pipeline. And they will not fight because of him even in the wildest fantasies.

German expert assessed the ability of the United States to stop Nord Stream 2

In an interview with, the German political scientist said that despite the fact that both chambers of Congress voted for the draft budget for the next fiscal year, which lists measures to tighten restrictive sanctions against Nord Stream 2, this will no longer be possible prevent the completion of the gas pipeline. The only thing that remains for them is, with the help of threats and blackmail, the favorite tactic of the United States, to make European companies refuse to pump Russian gas through a new pipeline.

“I suppose that the gas pipeline will be completed. What can the Americans do here? What, attack the Russian ships that will lay the gas pipeline at the last stage? This cannot be imagined even in the most eerie dream. But the Americans, with the help of all sorts of blockades, will do everything to prevent gas from flowing through the northern pipe, ” said Alexander Rahr.

In addition, the expert agreed with the opinion expressed in the influential German economic publication Handelsblatt that the pipe could well be used to pump hydrogen from Russia. This resource will also be in demand in Germany, which plans to create a huge water industry to generate so-called environmentally friendly energy from water.

According to Alexander Rahr, such a decision can become a compromise, and will allow, on the one hand, to calm the passions around the gas pipeline, and on the other, it will not prevent Germany from continuing its strategic partnership in the energy sector with Russia.


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