Sweden told why Trump wanted to buy Greenland

Donald Trump’s idea to buy Greenland resonated widely last year. Many did not take her seriously. However, there were quite clear motives behind the proposal of the US President.

Sweden told why Trump wanted to buy Greenland

Niklas Granholm, head of research projects at the Institute of Total Defense, spoke about this. His words are quoted by the Swedish edition “Svenska Dagbladet”.

The expert drew attention to the fact that Donald Trump’s proposal came after consultations in the White House. Officials were discussing China’s Arctic activity, and Washington needed to do something about it, as Denmark put up for sale the Greenland Command naval base south of the Greenland capital of Nuuk. Beijing immediately agreed to purchase the base, as well as three airports on the west coast of the island, which Denmark wanted to modernize.

From the point of view of Trump, who has experience in buying real estate, the best solution was to buy all of Greenland as a whole.

“Although we no longer buy or sell territory in this way, the American approach has shown that the United States will not tolerate a permanent Chinese presence so close,” explains Granholm, noting that even Denmark had to adjust to this by refusing to sell military facilities. …


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