EU sanctions for mythical Russian “cyber attacks” will not go unanswered by Russia

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the EU, instead of a serious conversation, prefers a policy of unilateral pressure and restrictions.

EU sanctions for mythical Russian "cyber attacks" will not go unanswered by Russia

As reported by TASS, on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia would give a mirror response to the imposition of sanctions by the European Union against its citizens and organizations for being allegedly involved in cyberattacks.

“Of course, the unfriendly action of the EU will not be left unanswered. As you know, in diplomacy everything is mirrored, ” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Smolenskaya Square noted that the decision of the European Union to impose sanctions on Russian citizens and organizations allegedly involved in cyber attacks is regrettable, its political background is obvious.


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