Biden warned that Trump would try to postpone the U.S. elections

“Mark my words, I think he will try to delay (holding) the elections somehow, he will think of some reason why they cannot be held. He thinks it’s the only way he can win”,  Biden said back in late April during an online campaign fundraising event.

Yesterday Trump voiced the idea of postponing the election because of fears of massive mail-order voting-related fraud.

“Shouldn’t the election be postponed until people are able to vote properly and safely?” the president wrote on his Twitter.

The Democratic Party met a proposal in bayonets – there has never been a postponement of presidential elections in the U.S. – neither during the First and Second World Wars, nor even during the civil war in the States themselves. The President was also reminded that the issue of postponing the elections was beyond his authority. This is a measure that both chambers of the US Congress should approve.

After that, the president backtracked a little, specifying that he “does not want to change the date, but also does not want to wait three months to find out that all the ballots are missing and that the election does not mean anything”.