Kiev wants London and Washington to participate in negotiations in Donbass

Kiev is looking for someone else to get involved in the negotiations on the Donbass. Thus, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Reznikov, who is temporarily heading the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk, proposes to involve the UK and the United States in this process.

“I have a positive attitude towards this idea, because there is one story that has been forgotten for a long time. This is the Budapest Memorandum, which includes the United States and the United Kingdom as signatories. It seems to me that as serious players on the international platform, as strategic partners of Ukraine, it would be good if they could join the negotiations and help Ukraine restore our territorial integrity and sovereignty within the limits that are internationally recognized”, – he said.

In addition, Reznikov also wants to create a new negotiating platform. Nobody knows how many “sites” will satisfy Kiev’s appetites.


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