Denmark worries about US Greenland base because of Russia’s latest weapons

If Russia destroys a radar station at the US Thule airbase in Greenland, NATO’s missile defense shield will become vulnerable.


This was stated by the Danish military expert Emil Rottbell in a publication for the Berlingske edition.

He noted that Russia now possesses a “superweapon” that is capable of destroying military installations in Greenland without difficulty. We are talking about a new supersonic missile system “Dagger”. The expert is sure that Russia will certainly want to destroy the radars at the Tula base in the event of a full-scale conflict. Only one new missile can cope with this, and the United States still has nothing to oppose to it.

“The radars at the Tula base are part of the missile shield. If war breaks out, the Russians will probably want to get rid of them. Radars are now devoid of practical protection, which means that the US has something to work on in Greenland”, – says Rottbell.

According to him, the problem is that the Dagger, moving at supersonic speed, leaves almost no time for a decision. As a result, one day the decision may be made incorrectly, which will lead to an escalation of tensions. The situation is aggravated by the confrontation in the Arctic. It is this region that Rottbell considers a potential site for conflict, and not the Baltic States or Poland.

“If the United States really begins to send warships along the Northern Sea Route, demonstrating that these waters are not internal waters of Russia, the Russians will regard such a step as an extreme violation of their sovereignty”, –  the expert continues, believing that in this case, – “the situation may emerge out of control. “


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