The U.S. has appointed a special prosecutor for Ukrainian intervention

The investigation into the relations of Ukrainian politicians with the US Democratic Party is continuing, although Kiev, which is mired in corruption, provides less and less reliable information.

The U.S. has appointed a special prosecutor for Ukrainian intervention


This was told by the U.S. Attorney General William Barr, speaking to members of the House Legal Committee.

He complained that it is becoming increasingly difficult to verify the information coming from Ukraine. In this regard, a special prosecutor was appointed to the Prosecutor General’s Office, who will oversee all criminal cases related to Ukraine. Richard Donoghue, formerly the prosecutor of the Eastern District of New York State, was appointed to the position.

“The Eastern District Prosecutor was given the right to supervise all cases related to Ukraine, including new cases. The fact is that we have a problem – Ukraine provides a lot of inaccurate information. There is too much corruption there”, –  Barr explained.

Donoghue’s personal lawyer, Donald Trump Rudolf Giuliani, has already joined the team. Previously, he had been collecting materials regarding the relationship of Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden with Ukrainian elites.
As the News Front reported earlier, Kiev officials during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko were accused of interfering in the 2016 US election. The Democratic Party used them to criticize Donald Trump and promote its own candidate Hillary Clinton.

In addition, as US Vice-President, Joe Biden demanded that Poroshenko dismiss Viktor Shokin from the post of Prosecutor-General of Ukraine. Shokin started checking the financial frauds of the Burisma company, whose board of directors included the son of the US official Hunter Biden.

Last year, Donald Trump launched an investigation into the scandalous connections. Fearing the consequences, the Democrats decided to distract attention with an attempt to impeach the US president.


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