The Crimean question will be closed in Donbass – in Kiev they look at the actions of Merkel with anxiety

The Ukrainian factor is no longer interesting to the European Union as an anti-Russian tool. Now Germany and France prefer the Russian factor to sabotage the US policy.


This was told by Ukrainian political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko in a comment for the Internet channel “Apostrophe”.

“The Germans today are most interested in obtaining independence from the United States. And the Germans and the French. Macron promotes de Gaulle’s policy, the constant confrontation between Merkel and Trump. All this leads to the fact that Western Europe uses the Russian factor to attack “partners” on the other side of the Atlantic”, – explains the expert.


In particular, he drew attention to the situation with the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. As is known, while the U.S. is trying in every way to block the construction, Germany is persistently demonstrating its commitment to a joint energy project with Russia.

“Naturally, they would prefer to get Ukraine with its conflict out of their minds as soon as possible”, –  Bondarenko continues. – “Angela Merkel just a couple of weeks ago said that the anti-Russian sanctions could be lifted if there is notable progress in Donbass. What progress does she mean, she did not specify, although the sanctions were imposed not because of Donbas, but because of the Crimea. But somehow the Crimean issue was pushed to the background in Europe’s big politics”.

In this regard, the political scientist did not rule out that Europe uses the settlement of the conflict in Donbas as a “trade card” to establish relations with Russia and “forgive the Crimea by default. This will not be difficult to implement, given that Germany holds the presidency of the EU Council since July 1.


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