Kremlin responded to accusations against Russia of disinformation about COVID-19

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called “an obsessive phobia” the allegations spread in the United States about the campaign of the Russian Federation on “disinformation” about the coronavirus.

Earlier, two American media outlets at once published articles accusing the Russian Federation of disinformation about the pandemic – allegedly former employees of the GRU are posting information in an attempt to influence the mood of the Americans. According to media sources, Russia seeks to influence the course of the US presidential elections in November.

According to Peskov, Russian media are actively covering the situation with the coronavirus.

“Indeed, as far as Russia is concerned, it is not without problems, but it is going through this difficult period. Better than many other countries. Indeed, all the media outlets state the considerable problems that the United States is experiencing during this period. Therefore, in this case even if someone talks about some kind of disinformation, it is some kind of obsessive phobia. And here, of course, one should not blame the quality and objective work of the media for disinformation”, – Peskov told the reporters.


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