In the U.S., the new Russian submarines have been described as a “serious problem”

New Russian submarines and cruise missiles pose a “serious problem” for the United States. This was stated by U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Glen Van Herc.

“Over the past 30 years, our rivals and potential adversaries have watched the U.S. exercise deterrence, how we compete, and how we behave during conflicts. They have had the opportunity to develop by watching us, in particular Russia and China, in all areas. Russia is developing strategic opportunities, such as submarines, which are now a serious problem to track”, –  Van Herc said at the senate hearing.

He added that modern submarines enable Russian cruise missiles to threaten U.S. territory, which is also a “serious problem.

According to him, China is following the same development path and its armed forces can increasingly act as an expeditionary force, that is, far away from its territory.