Beijing called “disrespect for history” Pompeo’s words about the “collapse of cooperation” between the United States and China

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the two countries “have jointly implemented many major projects that have played a positive role on a global scale.

The statement by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo about the “collapse of Sino-American interaction” should be considered a disrespect for history and an assertion that contradicts real facts. This was stated on Wednesday by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

“Pompeo and other American politicians have recently been theorizing about “the failure of Sino-American contacts”, –  he said at a regular briefing. – “I would like to note that such statements should be considered as disrespect for history and distortion of facts. China and the US have jointly implemented many major projects that have played a positive role on a global scale”.

Wang Wenbin recalled that each country has the right to develop its own model that takes into account national specificities.

“Despite the differences in social systems, China and the United States are able to interact productively with each other while maintaining peaceful relations”, –  the spokesman concluded.

Earlier, Pompeo said that the U.S. should not pursue the previous policy of interaction with China, which “failed”. He also noted that the United States considers the course on tightening the approach to Beijing “suitable for all all allies. According to the head of the State Department, these countries should cooperate with Washington, which “values freedom and human rights. The U.S. diplomat stressed that this is a “choice between freedom and democracy” (represented by the United States – TASS) on the one hand, and “tyranny and authoritarian regime” (which allegedly symbolizes China) on the other.