Americans pick up machine guns to end black protests

The black riots that swept through the United States have sparked a rise in discontent among the country’s conservative population. Armed groups are now forming in cities, ready to radically end the unrest.

About this writes “The Washington Post” edition. 

Coyote Wolves became one of these formations. It is led by Peter Diaz, a 37-year-old entrepreneur who never even voted in an election. His group has already proclaimed itself peacekeepers against the background of the protests of the left-wing extremist organization Black Lives Matter in the United States for two months. During one of the black protests, members of the American Wolves group had already shown themselves by shooting at the protesters with paintball rifles.

Coyote wolves are not the only such formation to appear in the United States. Conservatives across the country are dispersing Black Lives Matter stocks. Congressional hearings have even been held on such a militia.

As noted by the Washington Post, the majority of members of such groups are white men, some are armed with machine guns, and the weapons are not necessarily registered. In addition, many are former military personnel who took part in the US intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. The insurgent conservatives themselves do not consider themselves anti-government forces. On the contrary, they support the Donald Trump administration and take over the maintenance of order, which the police cannot handle.

“We are the silent majority. It’s time to act”, – Peter Diaz told the reporters.

At the same time, neo-Nazi groups began to show themselves in the vastness of the United States. They stepped up in response to the black demonstrations. In particular, neo-Nazis showed up at the Black Lives Matter protests in Boise, Idaho. Some even shouted the famous greetings of the Third Reich.

As previously reported by News Front, on May 25 in Minneapolis, a black repeat offender, George Floyd, was killed during arrest. The incident sparked protests that, with the support of political elites, expanded to the national scale. Most of all, the topic of black protests was exploited by Democrats, criticizing Donald Trump as part of the presidential race.


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