A migrant camp was evacuated near Paris

On Wednesday morning, Paris police evacuated a large migrant camp located on the edge of the Saint-Denis Canal in Aubervilliers, where more than 1500 people have lived in recent weeks. Le Figaro reports.


The operation to evacuate and accommodate the migrants in various shelters and gyms of the capital’s region began shortly after 6 a.m., said the prefecture, which cited, inter alia, the health risk to justify the evacuation of the camp.

“This deal is a logical continuation of all those we have already done for several months. I would like to evacuate all the camps that are on the outskirts of Paris”, –  said Didier Lallemans, Prefect of the Paris police.

The makeshift camp, where more than 800 tents have been set up, has mainly housed single men from Africa or Afghanistan. Many of them had previously passed through other camps in Paris, which were successively dismantled but reproduced a little further in the northern suburbs.


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