Two U.S. military bases were attacked in Iraq

Powerful explosions on the night of Tuesday, July 28, shook an American air base north of the Iraqi capital. This is reported by the local portal Shafaq News. The incident took place in the suburbs of Tikrit on the military air object “Majeda al-Tamimi”, where both Iraqi and American servicemen are deployed.

“At precisely 11 p.m. two explosions occurred at an air base in Salah ad-Din province”, –  it said.

This was followed by a strong fire at the base, which was localized by the arrival of civil defense brigades. According to preliminary data, no casualties were reported. The cause of the explosions is not specified.
According to the Al-Arabiya TV channel, the airbase came under missile fire, allegedly from a group that is part of the pro-Iranian Popular Mobilization Force (Hashd al-Sha’bi).


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