The Trump was invented in Washington without a mythical “Russian source”

As it turned out, the “Steele dossier” on Donald Trump, which was hung in Russia, was composed at the analytical center Brookings Institution.

The Trump was invented in Washington without a mythical "Russian source"

This was told by Devin Nunez, a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

He noted that the story from the void inflated Hillary Clinton headquarters.

“We now know the original auxiliary source. The FBI was trying to make us believe that it was about some Russian source that could be killed if something happened. No. It turns out this unknown animal lives around the corner, not far from here – Lou, I’m communicating with you from the Capitol tonight. She lives right here. There’s no danger to her. It’s all fiction. And the FBI knew about it”, –  he said.

It’s no surprise, though. The U.S. gladly blames everything on Russia, and then it turns out that everything happening in the country is Washington’s fault and political intrigue.


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