Johnson announced the second wave of coronavirus in Europe

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted signs of a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Europe. He expressed this opinion on Tuesday on the air of the Sky News TV channel.

Johnson announced the second wave of coronavirus in Europe

“Let’s be absolutely honest about what is happening in Europe, among some of our European friends. I am afraid that in some places we are beginning to see signs of a second wave of the pandemic,” the head of government said.

Johnson defended the mandatory two-week quarantine imposed on the night of July 26 for persons arriving from Spain. The move came as a surprise to hundreds of thousands of Britons who went on vacation to the Kingdom of Pyrenees.

“What we have to do is take swift and decisive action when we think the risks are starting to rise again,” the British prime minister said.

The Belgian government has warned that a strict quarantine may be introduced in the country due to an increase in the number of infected by 71% between July 17-23 – from 163 to 279 cases. The Spanish region of Catalonia may also re-impose restrictions if outbreaks of the coronavirus COVID-19 are not brought under control within 10 days. Here, the spread of infection has been identified in clubs and bars among holidaymakers, as well as among seasonal workers harvesting fruits and vegetables. Over the past two weeks, almost 8 thousand cases of infection have been recorded in Catalonia, while in all of Spain – 16 thousand.