In Portland, several hundred people were involved in protests

Several hundred people protested on Sunday near the Mark Hatfield courthouse in U.S. Portland, Oregon, where riots have been going on for almost two months, the Portland Police Department said.

On July 26, a crowd of several hundred people gathered along 3rd Southwest Avenue, mostly outside the Mark Hatfield courthouse. People blocked off the streets around the courthouse. For hours, they screamed, sang, knocked on the fence and threw objects through it.

Around 11:45 p.m. local time, people started running pyrotechnics through the fence. After a while, people climbed over the fence and entered the portico.
Around the same time, a group of people started a fire in Lawnsdale Park.

Around 0100 somebody started a fire behind the fence along 3rd Southwest Avenue. After it went out, dozens of people approached the outside of the fence as a cover and started throwing objects over it.


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