A party of armored vehicles from the United States arrived in Kosovo as part of a “secret agreement”

Another batch of Humvee armored vehicles arrived in Kosovo from the United States on Saturday. The delivery is part of an agreement signed between the United States company AM General and the Kosovo Government.

As the Kosovo Online reported on July 26, the Commander of the Kosovo Security Force, Rahman Rama, made such a statement.

He said the armoured vehicles were purchased with money from the Kosovo budget. The Commander of the Kosovo Security Force said the data on the quantity and price of the vehicles are currently classified. He also added that in the future it will be possible to talk about this issue. According to Rama, we can expect further agreements with the USA and new contracts:

“This is a secret agreement. Based on the needs, we will make purchases in the future.”

It is known that last year Kosovo received 27 similar military vehicles from the United States free of charge, while another 24 vehicles were purchased.

In December 2018, the Kosovo Parliament approved the decision to transform the Security Force into the Kosovo Army, which means, among other things, increasing its size and technical equipment.