Russia recorded five truce violations in Syria in 24 hours

Russia has recorded five violations of the regime of cessation of combat operations in Syria during the day, and Turkey has recorded none, as reported in the information bulletin on the website of the Defense Ministry.

“The Russian part of representation of joint Russian-Turkish commission on consideration of the questions connected with the facts of violations of a mode of the termination of fighting, has fixed five facts of opening of fire in provinces: Ladakia – one, Idlib – four. The Turkish part of the representative office has not recorded any facts of the opening of fire”, –  the report says.

It is noted that during the day, the Centre for Reconciliation of Belligerent Parties and Monitoring of Refugee Movements conducted two humanitarian actions – in Jubb Al-Safa locality (Aleppo province), 440 food packages weighing 2,134 tons were distributed, and in Tell Cholparat locality (Hasekei province) 440 food packages weighing 2,134 tons were also distributed.