In Israel, thousands of protesters are demanding Netanyahu’s resignation

Thousands of people daily take to the streets of Israel with political and socio-economic slogans. Some are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while others are demanding adequate government action to protect the various groups affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Against this background, the ruling coalition is becoming increasingly entangled in political disputes. The Israeli media do not rule out that in a month’s time the current Knesset may be dissolved and the country will start preparing for another early election.

“Bibi, go home!”, “This is our state, not Netanyahu”, “Democracy cannot be shut up”, “We are tired”, “With all the crumbs they throw us, we have no money for bread”, “We have no time to wait. We don’t have air to breathe” is just part of the slogan in the hands of demonstrators taking to the streets in Jerusalem and other cities in Israel.

Mass protests started in June, and the number of actions is constantly growing.

At the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, abbreviated Bibi in the country, demonstrators gathered almost daily in Jerusalem alone for the week ending. The number of protesters is steadily increasing. Thus, on Saturday night, about 6,000 people gathered in Jerusalem. A new feature of the Israeli demonstrations is the sharp increase in their youth ranks. However, the protests are attended by a wide variety of segments of the population.


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