Europe suddenly wanted peace in Ukraine in order to make friends with Russia

An article has appeared on the website telling about the first “breakthrough” in the last 6 years of war in achieving peace in Donbass – the signing of a “comprehensive truce”, which will become a step towards further implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Europe suddenly wanted peace in Ukraine in order to make friends with Russia

It is difficult to assess the impartiality of the material, since the phrases “militias supported by Russia” and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are constantly slipping through the text. However, in this article, the author acknowledges the fact that during all these 6 years of war in Donbass, Ukraine has repeatedly violated the agreements reached and sent thousands of shells and mines towards the civilian population of Donbass. Finally, Europe has ceased to hide the fact that a civil war is really going on in Ukraine, and not just, as they wrote earlier, a protracted “anti-terrorist operation”.

Also, the opinion of a European expert on this issue is curious.

“Bruno Lete, senior fellow at the United States German Marshall Fund in Brussels, cautiously welcomed the recent ceasefire, saying he hopes it will at least last until the next Normandy format meeting uniting Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France. “, – said in a message from Euronews.

The German expert said that France and Germany are eager to improve their relations with Russia, “but they will not implement this without some kind of peace in Ukraine.”

In addition, Bruno Lete voiced the real reason why the people’s republics of Donbass will not leave Ukraine alone – too many interests of foreign states are concentrated on this territory.

“Thus, we really see that the situation in eastern Ukraine is a very international matter, and each side has a very narrow position. Therefore, it is very difficult to maneuver in this space, ” says Lete.